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Make your brand shine with The Aurora Cut Diamond.

Exclusive to you, the Aurora cut is certifiably brilliant.

Visibly Brighter

We designed the Aurora using proprietary technology to maximise the natural radiance of each diamond. Your engagement rings and diamond jewellery will visibily sparkle brighter, capturing both the eye and imagination.

Traditional Round Brilliant


The Aurora Diamond


Guaranteed Brilliance

The Aurora’s unique 73 facets results in more light, more reflection, more sparkle and more beauty. This ‘return of light’ can be measured four ways:


The intense white light that radiates from the diamond.


Vivid flashes of colour as the light bends inside the diamond.


Dramatic pin-points of light that flash as a diamond moves.


Symmetry ensures light is evenly distributed in each diamond.

Every Aurora Diamond 0.40cts and larger is independently certified to be visibly brighter and includes light-performance certification from the International Gemmological Institute (IGI), the largest independent gemmological laboratory worldwide based in Antwerp, Belgium.

Get Noticed. Make The Aurora Collection Yours.

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