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Today’s consumers are increasingly concerned with sustainability and ethical sourcing.

With the 5C Group, you can put your clients at ease.

5C makes it easy for you to ensure your supply chain is inline with the latest sustainability and ethical sourcing practices. We (5C Hong Kong Limited) are proud members of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC). We take our membership very seriously, deploying the RJC’s Code of Practices in all of our business activites.

Our management team has successully implemented responsible, ethical, social and environmental practices while also respecting human rights. Our business partners and suppliiers are expected to adhere to the high standards set by the RJC as well. Together 5C and our suppliers ensure that our entire gems and jewelry supply chain is ethical and sustainable, from mine to retail.

Our Entire Supply Chain Is Ethical and Sustainable, From Mine to Retail

If you are considering partnering with us, we strongly encourage you to also follow and implement the requirements set by the RJC Code of Practices.
For more information about RJC, please visit their website at

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